Ways To Make Money Online – Time Africa Fast Tracked Herself Into The 21st Century

Ways to make money online
Ways to make money online


It might surprise you but there really are legitimate business opportunities and ways to make money online. And people like you are cashing in on it every second!

U.N Predicts Africa To Reach A ‘Middle Income’ ($1000 per individual) Only By 2025

Yep! A headline the world has come to expect of Africa.
Poverty, oppression, infirmity, despair…
Wars and Corruption.

While America is making more and more entrepreneurs,

And U.K is throwing money at Start-ups

Africa is still groping in the dark for her basic needs.

How then can we compete in the world if Africa is still trying to harness electricity or curb corruption?
And is it so hard to create income from home using a mobile phone, a Laptop or Computer?

Absolutely NOT!

Believe it or not, with the right model, guidance, and support you too can start making $50, $100, $10,000 a day!
Yes! That’s what I said.

People all over, from Pakistan to the Philippines. USA and Australia have coined ways to money online from the comfort of their homes.

My friend, you no longer need the Government for jobs or medical care.
No more need to fundraise for your dream wedding or education…
You no longer need to bow down to corrupt politicians for hand-outs.
Change the world you live in today. Right the wrongs done to Africans by both foreigners and corrupt officials.

Listen here, the success of Africa as a continent will not come from African Union deliberations or compromising grants from overseas…

Africa’s freedom and success depend on you and me, and the actions we take today.

We need to break free from mental slavery!
The Government is NOT the answer!
A few handouts from Politicians won’t sustain our livelihoods.
International Charity organizations haven’t thus far taught us how to fish…
And finally, unless we disrupt the way we think, African will be left eating dust whilst the World catapults itself forward.

Today, Millions of Americans are making $ 6-figure-income online.
My friend David started an online store last year, 12 months later, he is making $7,000 per month!
We have everything David had when he started, a phone or laptop and internet.
Visit any mall and you will get free WiFi!
Heck! Even public transport is now offering Free WiFi.
What’s your excuse?

You may say:-


1. It’s all Scam

No, it’s not all scam. I see a lot of genuine online business opportunities every day, and once you sign up to my daily newsletter,
I will be sending you my specially selected, fully vetted money making ideas, tips, and opportunities.

2. I don’t have the skill

Yes, I thought that once.
Too was afraid of anything “Techy”.
Assuming it was for the select few – less numerically challenged.
I used to freak out at big words like “Marketing, Affiliates, SEO…” but now that I know what they mean, they no longer scare me.
Skill is acquired by those who seek it and here, I will be giving you my best tips, recommendation and even throw in a few offers for you to choose from.

3. Internet is a Jungle, I get overwhelmed

Indeed, the Internet is a jungle.
The internet – the most powerful revolution ever, so powerful that it had shrunken the vast world into a small village.

Technology has changed the world drastically in just a few decades.
Rather than considering the internet as an INVENTION, it would be more appropriate to consider it as a RESOURCE.

And just like resources, it is non-uniformly distributed around the globe.
It is especially true for us Africans who do not get the fullest benefit out of it.
To be more specific, we can say that our people do not use it efficiently.

Home Business Opportunities


Passive Income
Ways To Make Money Online

The opportunities to make money online are present everywhere, it is we who should use it wisely to achieve what we want. The fear of the internet has preoccupied our minds so much that we put a blindfold on ourselves and fail to grasp opportunities that could help us gain financial freedom.

We continue to blindly trust the government and politicians, who are mostly corrupt, to help us overcome our poverty. But what we do not realize is that we are blessed with great platforms at our fingertips, which when used properly, will overcome the economic problems we face.

Once we overcome these doubts and fears; and embrace technology, we will empower ourselves rather than wait for our government to empower us. All that we need would be a smartphone, laptop or a computer with an internet connection.

Every African should find ways to make money online.

Wait! I thought online businesses we dominated by certain countries only? If you think so, you are unfortunately wrong. There is no single country which dominates the online business platforms.
People from almost every country around the globe interact and work together online.
Indeed, there are already a few African entrepreneurs I know who started their business online and are successful in earning a very good passive income.

The concern is to expand the benefits of such platforms to the maximum number Africans. The best part of working online is that we get to interact with many freelance workers across the globe with different opinions and perspectives of life

So, What Are The Most Common Ways To Make Money Online?

There are 7 Realistic Ways to Make Money, though mainly you will be looking at being a Freelancer, Business Owner, or even both.

Freelance: There are numerous ways in which we could earn money online. These include online content writing, Captcha entry jobs, genuine online surveys, online tutoring, virtual translation assistance, Human-Intelligence-tasks (HITs), and transcription jobs. You could leverage the App economy like driving for Uber.
These jobs give far better incomes than that of your regular 9-5 jobs.

Own an Online Business: Sell your stuff online, be an affiliate, start a Blog, email marketing or coaching.
You will get a decent income as long as you’re are willing to learn and put in the effort.

Starting Your Own Online Business Is Not Tough

Creating your own passive income is actually easy if you know what you’re doing.

In the beginning stages your income might be low and slow, but as you gain experience and expertise over it, you will see the fruit of your labor in very little time.

Once you have put in place the right foundation and processes, success is highly likely.
Although it is not hard to make money genuinely online it isn’t a quick money making scheme either. It requires consistent persistence and patience.

We Should Gain True Freedom

Though we have gained formal independence, we are still financially dominated.
Moreover, the full-time jobs which give a decent pay are few and far between, unfairly distributed.
Rather than depending on such jobs, it would be better for us to start our own online businesses and gain knowledge about succeeding in them.
So that each individual can earn very good income and contribute towards the financial freedom of our land.
Also, it would not be a fate for us to reach a ‘middle income’ ($1000 per individual) only by 2025, like predicted by the UN.
Rather we shall gain a ‘high income’ ($12,236 or even more per individual !) as early as 2020 if we gain exposure to online businesses.

The Government Is Helpless To Help You

Looking back in history, Africa has been looted by many empires.
With some African rulers embezzling billions of money.
Going back to the imperial rule, the colonizers exploited us to the maximum extent possible.
After independence, Africa was involved in numerous wars and tribal clashes.
All this has made it difficult for African governments to overcome damages.
Yet, despite so much exploitation of resources, Africa still retains so much resources inefficiently used.
Our governments are unable to focus on progress because they still are struggling to repair the damage caused consecutively.
Moreover, corrupt leaders make it more difficult to concentrate on progress.

Time to put a FULL STOP on the vicious cycle!

Starting with you and I, by changing our circumstances. And empowering the next person; we will create a ripple effect.
We will change our home, our community, our country.
Let’s put us into action.
Let us help ourselves gain financial stability, and therefore contribute to the government for additional progress.

Internet Opportunities For Everyone To Make Money Online

Some people fear that they possess no skill to work online and earn a decent income.
But what we fail to realize is that there are several levels of online businesses.
How much ever higher, or lower, be your capacity, you can always find an online business that suits you.
But first, we must overcome Doubts! It is totally worth trying for a passive income.

Why Cut Your Wings When You Can Fly High!

Hope that this article has inspired some minds to emerge against international domination and restrictions.
It is in our own hands to prove the misconceptions of the so-called developed countries to be wrong.
The internet is full of opportunities. We, the people of Africa, stand in a road which now diverges into two different paths.
The choice is ours. We should decide whether to live under domination without any real progress or emerge out with opportunities ahead.